Bluelight Bean いじってみた

Today, I took a day-off and was taking a rest. But I remembered that I didn’t try Bluelight Bean which has arrived several days ago, so I tried it.
今日は休暇をとったので、一日なにもしないでのんびりしてみたが、先日とどいたBluelight Beanをまだいじってなかったのですこしいじってみた。
At first, thought to insert the battery, but is already in it ! It must be sending signal since it has been shipped. I remember that I red the some article which says the application on iPhone will alert when the Bluelight Bean had arrived on my hands if we installed before. I should do that.
Installed the support application on iPhone from Play store.
Automatically discovered and listed devices.
Selected one, the recommended to update firmware. It takes 5 minutes for each device.
一台選択すると、いきなりFirmware update:5分くらいかかる
Installed Bean Loader on OSX. It can be associated to
OSX に Bean Loader というソフトを入れる。これは、 と「associate」できる。
Named Beans as Bean1, Bean2, Bean3, and Bean4 once. I will name them with more cute in the future.
とりあえず、全機update、名前を Bean1 Bean2 Bean3 Bean4 とした。もっとかわいい名前をあとでつけてあげるからね。
Loaded Bean Blink, but the error is displayed.
Bean Blink を読み込んで「検証=コンパイル」をしたら、なにやらエラー・・・
BeanBlink:14: error: ‘Bean’ was not declared in this scope
I needed to choose the Bluelight Bean from the menu Tool > Board. But it was not described on the procedure.
「ツール」>「マイコンボード」で Bluelight Bean を選ばなければならなかっただけ。でも、手順書に書いてなかったもんね。
Connected Bean1 and select “Program Sketch”, then sketch is loaded on the Bean.
Bean1 に接続して、program sketch を選ぶとスケッチが書き込まれる。
I could load the program makes LED as blue, green, and red blinking.
Continuing to blinking will waste battery, selected “erase sketch”.
ずっとぴかぴかしてると電池くいそうなので、erase sketch しておく。
Done today.


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