cat not load opencv library – OpenCV for Android

Sometimes the native method of OpenCV issues error as “can not load opencv library” when first call of the method.
初めてのメソッド呼び出し時に、OpenCVのネイティブメソッドが “can not load opencv library” というエラーを出すことがあります。

Many of samples don’t describe about explicit load of the library.

Some articles describe that the explicit load is required as following.

OpenCVLoader.initAsync(OpenCVLoader.OPENCV_VERSION_2_4_9, this, mLoaderCallback);

However, in some case, the problem won’t be fixed. 

In the case first OpenCV call is coded in some initialization phase like onCreate or somewhere, the first call will be called before finishing the loading the library.

In the case, we need to move the first call into the loader callback method ( mLoaderCallback in the above ) to synchronize the first call after the loading of the library.
このようなケースでは、最初の呼び出しをローダー・コールバック・メソッド(上の例では mLoaderCallback)に移動する必要があります。



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