Web Camera BSW20KM11 on Raspberry-PI

120°撮影可能な広角Webビデオカメラ BSW20KM11 を購入。Raspberry-PI に装着してみた。
I bought BSW20KM11, a web video camera which can capture 120 degree movie. Connected to Raspberry-PI.
This article is using same camera. I believe that will work.
lsusb したが、認識してないように見える。なぜ? まぁいいや。

It looks it is not recognized when I enter “lsusb” command. Why ? Anyway,

Enabled Camera support on raspi-config, but same.

raspi-config で Camera サポートをエネーブルする。かわらず。

motion 入れてみる。なにやら 404 not found がたくさん。
Installed motion. Many 404 not found has been displayed.

Oh, it’s known problem.
sudo apt-get update
8081 をTomcat にあげちゃってるので、8082 に変更。
Changed port number as 8082, because 8081 is already used by Tomcat.
sudo service motion start

[warn] Not starting motion daemon, disabled via /etc/default/motion …(warning).

あれ、じゃぁ、/etc/default/motion を編集
Humm, then edit /etc/default/motion.


起動できた。でも、8082 にアクセスしても、なにも出なーい。
Could started. However, still can not access 8082.

起動してた画面のメッセージに「/temp/motion に保存したよーん」というメッセージが出たので、確認。おお、できてる、できてる。自宅の部屋の中なので公開は控えよう。とにかくカメラは動いた。
Message on the screen running motion says “File of type 1 saved to: xxxx” so I confirmed. Yes, it was there. The captured photo is my living room, so it is not attached here. Anyway, the camera is working.

However, still can not access from web browser.

The captured data is too course with 320×240. I tried to specify 960×720 but it was adjusted as 800×600. But it is better. Today it’s done. But I believe that we can use 1920×1080 with this camera.

added on 2014/06/30

Bug has been reported,

height=1280 を指定したら、ハイレゾでキャプチャーできました。
After height=1280 is specified, HD data could be captured.




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